Aerospace Engineering Service and Training Provider

Since our establishment in 1997, we have worked to develop sustainable growth in the Malaysian aviation sector and set the standard for cutting-edge aerospace technology solutions.

Aviation Design Centre has the approval of Malaysian Directorate General Technical Airworthiness’s (DGTA) Authorized Engineering Organization (AEO) certification, an ISO 9001:2015 certificate, and the Human Resource Development Corporation’s (HRDC) approval as a training provider (MOHR).


Aviation Design Centre is  expanding its role as a training provider by becoming an Approved Maintenance Training Organization (AMTO) for the DGTA and exploring new markets by offering engineering and training services for both local and international clients.

Our Services

R&D And Design

The R&D  to develop and implement, upgrades and modifications for aircraft systems meeting airworthiness and certification requirements.

Engineering & Configuration Management

ADC provides technical services in configuration management for continued airworthiness of state aircraft.

Aviation Training

ADC provides competency-based training and are constantly improving our training capabilities to match the latest technological demands.

Our Partner

Our strategic partner NADI, is constantly driving goals to become a fully integrated aerospace and defense business that offers cutting-edge quality solutions and engineering assistance to all of its clients and partners throughout the world.


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